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Accesorii Sport, Empire Fresh Express for Sneakers and Caps

ay goodbye to smelly sneakers

Things can be tough for sneaker fanatics. The hazzards and embarrassments are waiting behind many corners. Especially on hot days or after a good night of clubbing, the smell of stinky shoes can be a real deal breaker. After having mastered the challenge of keeping your shoes clean we know also found the solution to the odor problem. The result, a clean and fresh shoe deodorant, that keeps your sneaker problem under control, no matter how often you wear them: Empire Fresh Express.

Refreshing Empire

Easier than easy: simply spray the insides of your sneakers one at the time and your odor problem is gone. The skin-friendly spray controls the shoe climate, provides a soothing feeling and has a pleasant cooling effect. Just like that, your sneakers stay fresher, cleaner, and the risk of akward moments no longer exists.

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